About Us

SS Specialties began With Seeing A Hole & Filling A Need.

When Doug Bannister initially began his career in decorative concrete in 1980 there was no real source of expertise to turn to. Instead of investing in a franchise operation, He took the path of trial and error, forging his expertise through the learning that comes from doing, making mistakes, but rarely making the same mistake twice. As the interest and demand for decorative concrete grew, Doug continued to find holes and opportunities to perfect techniques to fill the need – eventually perfecting the products themselves.

As the decorative market grew, Doug found the need for more diversified products, stains, overlays, countertops and vertical applications; he sometimes found there were not suitable products available, so he made his own. Occasionally he would discover a manufactured product which was just unreliable, so again – he would formulate his own. As the individual products grew, he began to build complete systems and methods for the decorative trade.

Layers Of Knowledge That Run Deep.

Doug began The Stamp Store in 1996 and developed a team to provide contractors with established manufacturer’s products as well as his own. It is interesting to note that the fledgling Stamp Store had some products that the larger, more established companies did not – microtoppings (SLICK'EM) and water based stain (Rainbow) for instance. But reliable products are only one half of the picture. The development of a staff who he trained to provide guidance and training to others, allowed for the completition of the picture, and provide a valuable service to his customers.

Sharing What We Know Is At Our Core.

Contractors have traveled from all over the country and the world to train with us here on our grounds in Oklahoma City (not to mention to partake in a bowl of our General Manager's, famous homemade stew.) that stew sticks to their ribs, and the training sticks with them for the long haul, helping contractors gain consistent results and build confidence. Our sharing of knowledge continues to be recognized by the industry with prestigious awards like: Top Ten Influential People in the Concrete Industry in 2007; and the induction into the Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame in 2010.

Products That Work The Way They Should.

In 2006 Doug started Cimarron Wholesale to provide decorative products to other stores located in one-day-ship points from Oklahoma City. In fact, The Stamp Store buys products from Cimarron Wholesale at the same price point as do other distributors. Most recently we’ve continued to develop more consistent and reliable decorative products and support training programs like the ever-popular enCOUNTER™ and finally the sum of our years of hard-earned expertise – our complete sealer/coating line, SS Specialties.

Carving Out The Artisan Side Of Concrete For More
Than 30 Years

Our Cimarron Wholesale team consists of Tim Fraizer, Director of Training who also is Doug’s right hand man when it comes to research and development. The sales and technical support staff consist of Rick White who concentrate on servicing the Distributor and advising the contractor in the field. Dave personally packs all the orders and makes sure the orders are filled correctly. Additional technical support is also available to callers from our talented staff at The Stamp Store.

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