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At the top of the sealer "food chain" sits Polyaspartic. It’s an incrediable sealer with strengths and return to service like no other sealer. Yet, it can be considered one of the most challenging to put down with short pot life and picky preparation requirements. And at the same time, it’s one of the most requested types of floors.


One of our distributors have announced two training classes for the month of March. All SS Specialties distributors can always bring two employees per class....always. Contractors can also come and the fee is listed below.


SS Specialties is fixin'ta bring our wares and first class team to Fort Worth, Texas this fall for the 2014 Concrete Decor Show.  We're boxing up the latest and greatest in decorative concrete supplies for countertops, floors and vertical application.


Whether you are an architect, designer, or contractor, chances are you have a customer or client that wants a decorative concrete design. As you know, there has been much advancement in the concrete industry, and that means there are more decorative concrete coating options now than ever before. You can stamp concrete to give it the appearance of stone, brick, tile or even hardwood. Plus, you can even add color to make a design more realistic.


Old countertops can be unappealing. They can get stained, discolored, damages, worn or even cracked and damaged. Sometimes, your client may wish to repair an old countertop without replacing it, while other times they may just be looking for a new aesthetic. In either case, you need to be able to provide them with a cost effective solution that will meet their needs without breaking their budget. Many contractors find that EZ Top is a great way to accomplish both of these things.

What Are the Benefits of Using EZ Top?


As a distributor, finding the best supplier of high quality concrete coatings, decorative concrete, and the all-around best concrete products can prove difficult. Most suppliers buy products from other companies and then turn around and sell them to you at a higher rate. Not at SS Specialties Concrete Products. You will find that the products we sell are our very own, and they are designed to be the best in the industry.


While most custom floor solutions are nice, they can get very expensive, like mosaic tile, epoxy terrazzo, or imported stone tile, they can also be tough to maintain over the long haul.


Concrete isn’t what it used to be. That’s a good thing, because today’s decorative concrete products are far better than ever before. With SS Specialties Concrete Products, you can have your place that’s easy to clean and still have one that’s nice to look at. Functional no longer means ugly.

Garage Floors That Clean Up and Stand Up To Abuse


Let’s begin by saying that any type of concrete construction, decorative or otherwise, is going to leave a carbon footprint. However, that’s true of any type of construction, period.


In the past, concrete may have been seen more as a product for industrial use. Residential and commercial contractors have used it primarily for the occasional workspace, basement, or garage.