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Distributor Announces Decorative Concrete Training

One of our distributors have announced two training classes for the month of March. All SS Specialties distributors can always bring two employees per class....always. Contractors can also come and the fee is listed below.

 Polyaspartic Coatings Rule!

From Chips to Solid Colors – Polyaspartic Coating Rules!

March 13, 2015
Time: 8 am–4:30 pm
In this one-day class learn how to successfully install a top of the line, SS Polyaspartic floor. The class will teach floor forensics, crack repair, and the correct floor prep, to insure the installation of a successful floor and happy customers. Floor forensics includes: testing for slab moisture and hydrostatic pressure, which can have a major effect for a successful installation. Chasing cracks and the methods for filling and completing successful crack repair will be taught to insure a first class polyaspartic floor.

The student will operate a Hawk BRUTE Floor Machine, which is used to prepare the surface to accept the Polyaspartic Floor System. Students will participate in each step of the installation, base coat, bed coat, throwing of chips or quartz into the chip coat, and the two final finishing coats. This class will prepare the student so that they will feel comfortable in selling and installing the decorative and maintenance free garage or warehouse floor. This system is used in automobile showrooms, aircraft hangers, kennels and other facilities requiring a quick and permanent