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Architects and Designers, Get enThusiastic about enCOUNTER™! If you’re working with a contractor who insists on the very best in kitchen amenities, you need to know about the enCOUNTER™ system from SS Specialties Concrete Products.


Reading this, you may think this is a bias article coming from a decorative concrete products manufacturer.  Well you're not totally wrong, but perhaps it will make sense after we explain. 


Renovating your kitchen can be a great way to upgrade your home, regardless of whether you are just looking to add value for possible resale or just improve its functionality. Unfortunately, kitchen renovations are hardly ever cheap.


Being innovative and carrying all of the latest products is vital for retailers who want to stay a step ahead of their competition and thrive in the marketplace. No matter what industry you might be in, giving consumers as many options as possible is always required for long-term success.


In the United States alone, concrete production equals around 10 billion tons every year, generating over $35 billion dollars. In fact, with the exception of water, concrete is the most consumed substance in the world. And with good reason.


There are hundreds of concrete sealers on the market today but what exactly is it that makes a concrete sealer GREAT?  Concrete sealers don't just make a surface look good, they acts as protective barriers and allow for easy maintenance and ongoing upkeep.  A concrete sealer should penetrate deep into the pores or the concrete to get a good bond while


For those interested in either building a business or improving on one in the Concrete Countertop niche, SS Specialities has a range of products and systems that can help put you ahead of your competition.


It has been a while since something incredible has happend in the concrete floor coating industry, but that is all about to change.  The introduction of metal pigments into epoxy or polyaspartic costings is changing the way we look at floor coatings.  


SS Specialties is looking for dealers across the USA to carry and distribute thier top quality and user friendly line of decorative concrete products.  With demand increasing for concrete repair and specialty concrete products, SS Specialties products have become a leading brand for Contractors looking to turn a pretty profit in the concrete beautification and decoration business.