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Are you passionate about decorative concrete? Are you already in the business of providing decorative concrete supplies to industry professionals? Would you like to stock a product line that architects and designers can confidently recommend to their builders as being the best for any project no matter how big or small? Most important, do you want more than anything to be Number 2? If you do, SS Specialties Concrete Products would love to hear from you. Concrete ProductsSS Specialties Concrete Products manufactures and distributes quality decorative concrete products all over North America. Currently we have over 50 distributors in the U.S., and one in Canada. With the overwhelming demand for decorative concrete in both residential and commercial sectors, this is no longer enough. We’re seeking professional distributors who have the desire to succeed and a full understanding of the importance of being Number 2. You understand that you’ll never be Number 1 – that’s a shared position. First of all, it belongs to the contractors who come to you expecting that you will provide them with top-notch materials for any decorative concrete project. Second, it’s owned by their customers who rely on them to seek out the best products and the most reliable distributors. We want people who love working with and talking about:

  • Dry mixes
  • Coatings
  • Sealers
  • Colors
  • Strippers and cleaners
  • Polishing compounds
  • Epoxy floors
  • Concrete maintenance
  • Outdoor living spaces

Unlike many other companies that provide decorative concrete products, we won’t just ship you your inventory and then leave you on your own. We provide full training, and we’re available 6 days a week if you need support or have questions. Our promise to you is that we’ll make it easy for you to succeed. We won’t just stop with your initial training, because we’re constantly testing and launching new, innovative products that will give you the edge over your competitors. We even offer in-store demonstrations that will generate sales for you. Where do we fit into the equation? At SS Specialties Concrete Products, we consider our position to be a solid Number 3. You don’t exist without customers, and without you, we’re just another decorative concrete manufacturer supplying Oklahoma City.

Our distributors have allowed us to grow into a nation-wide presence in the field. If you’d like to be our Number 2, give us a call toll-free at 866-906-2006. Let’s grow together.