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Poly Pro

Greener Product Made in USA

SS Poly Pro is a UV resistant, specially formulated, two-component, low viscosity, solvent based acrylic urethane. This product provides a resistant, durable, medium to high gloss protective coating for interior and exterior concrete surfaces.


  • Excellent long term wear capabilities for longer life without recoating
  • Superior UV stability outperforms similar products
  • Enhanced chemical and stain resistance makes this an excellent top coat in a variety of locations
  • Excellent top coat over any SS Specialties Stain Systems or as a durable top coat over SS Specialties Metallic
  • Can be tinted for solid color applications using SS Specialties Color Dispersion


SS Poly Pro is packaged in 1.25 gallon kit and 5 gallon kit and available in lower VOC formulations.

coverage rate

First Coat will cover 550 feet per kit
Second Optional Coat will cover 600 feet per kit
Coverage rates vary depending upon surface porosity and texture, application method and prior sealer application.

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