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DYE-namic Acetone Dye

Made in USA

SS DYE-namic is the first dye product capable of exterior and interior use. The product is composed of finely ground color particles in solution. SS DYE-namic is designed to penetrate open concrete surfaces. SS DYE-namic colors may be used alone, or combined and applied over other colors to create monochromatic, multishaded, multicolored, variegated unique designs. SS DYE-namic installs in one third the time required for reactive acid stains or water based stains. SS DYE-namic does not require neutralizing or extensive clean up, before sealing.

SS DYE-namic UV Formula may also be combined with the SS Polyaspartic coating to provide greater stain and abrasion resistance in a minimum thickness with a faster return to service advantage, over other coloring methods.

If a slower drying solution that will create a better mottled effect is desired, add SS Dye Penetration and Mottling Agent at any time prior to application, per instructions.

Concrete DyesBenefits/Features

  • The UV formula will not fade under UV rays
  • Creates mottled effects similar to the like of acid stain
  • Solvent-based dye that is fast drying and easy spray application
  • 37 colors to choose from including 10 offset colors for Sedona Acid Stain in the UV formula
  • 3 primary colors great for mixing custom colors on the job site in both formulas


All colors come in quart, gallon, 5 gallon and sample sizes.

SS Dye-Namic Acetone DyeCoverage Rate

5 Gallon: Approximately 2,000-3,000 square feet.
1 Gallon: Approximately 400-600 square feet.
1 Quart: Approximately 100-150 square feet.

Technical Information Link

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Burnt SiennaBurnt Sienna
Dixie RedDixie Red
Forest GreenForest Green
Midnight BlackMidnight Black
Raw SiennaRaw Sienna
Saddle BrownSaddle Brown
Slate BlueSlate Blue
Terra CottaTerra Cotta
White (UV formula only)White
Light Gray
(UV formula only)
Light Gray