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Greener Product

SS Metallic is a concentrated powdered metallic pigment designed for use in our SS Aliphatic 100% Epoxy system. When applied over a properly prepared and primed surface, the effects that can be achieved are virtually endless, producing an extremely unique and desirable result.

Metallic epoxy coatingsBenefits/Features

  • 20 great color choices in earthy and vibrant varieties
  • Adds a very unique application to finish—perfect for commercial, industrial, and residential interior floors
  • Provides a beautiful metallic, mottled effect with unique and varied depth perception


SS Metallic are packaged and stocked in 32 oz. containers (each containing approximately 8 oz. by weight of pigment).

Coverage Rate

At a 16-18 mil dft will cover approximently 90–100 square feet per gallon
Coverage rates vary depending upon surface porosity and texture, and application method.

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Burnt Orange Burnt Orange Metallic
Midnight Blue Midnight Blue Metallic
Bark Brown Bark Brown Metallic
Charcoal Charcoal Metallic
Pearl Pearl Metallic
Walnut Walnut Metallic
Purple Purple Metallic
Golden Brown Golden Brown Metallic
Green Green Metallic
Royal Blue Royal Blue Metallic
Moss Green Moss Green Metallic
Chocolate Chocolate Metallic
KhakiKhaki Metallic
CopperCopper Metallic
BlackBlack Metallic
SilverSilver Metallic
Dark CherryDark Cherry Metallic
TangerineTangerine Metallic
Forest GreenForest Green Metallic
EspressoEspresso Metallic