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Rainbow Water-Borne Stains

Greener Product Made in USA

The SS Rainbow System is a quality tested water borne epoxy-acrylic based coloring method that penetrates and delivers color into porous cementitious-based substrates. The Rainbow System has two parts: color and base.

The SS Rainbow System may be used to color interior and exterior decorative concrete. Rainbow may also be used to correct acid stain color problems and the antiquing for stamped work. The Rainbow System allows for the custom creation of an unlimited color palate. 


  • 29 colors to choose from with 9 colors that offset with popular acid stain colors
  • Custom colors can be made
  • Perfect coloring system to correct acid stain problems


SS Rainbow Water-Borne Base comes in 1 or 5 gallon pails. SS Rainbow colors come in appropriate sizes to be mixed with the base completing the SS Rainbow System. The sample kit contains 6 premixed colors.

Coverage Rate

240 sq. ft. per gallon at 1 mil dry film

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Aqua Blue Aqua Blue
Acid Black Acid Black
Almondine Almondine
Blue Iris Blue Iris
Cha-Cha Cha Cha
Coral Gray Coral Gray
Chocolate Chocolate
Cola Cola
Dawn Cloud Dawn Cloud
Dusty Mauve Dusty Mauve
English Red English Red
Fern Fern
Glacier Blue Glacier Blue
Green Lawn Green Lawn
Golden Wheat Golden Wheat
Irish Luck Irish Luck
Jet Black Jet Black
Malay Tan Malay Tan
Natural Beige Natural Beige
Olive Olive
Pale Avocado Pale Avocado
Pamona Pamona
Royal Velvet Royal Velvet
Shasta Daisy Shasta Daisy
Salt Lake Salt Lake
Sparrow Sparrow
Sandstone Sandstone
Texas Sand Texas Sand
Vintage Umber Vintage Umber
White White
Walnut Walnut


Download rainbow color chart

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