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Sedona Acid Stain

Made in USA

Sedona Acid Stain is a concentrated penetrating reactive stain which chemically combines with cured concrete to produce permanent variegated coloring effects. Aged antique appearance is easily achieved for any decorative concrete project.

Acid Stain Concrete SedonaBenefits/Features

  • Will not chip, crack or peel
  • Beautiful penetrating color
  • Great for interior or exterior use


Sedona is available in 4 oz., 1 gallon, and by a case of 4 gallons. A sample kit consisting of all 10 colors is also available.

Coverage Rate

Sedona Acid Stain is concentrated and should be diluted at a minimum of 1:1 with water. One gallon diluted at a rate of 1:1 will cover 400 square feet. Often on new concrete, a higher dilution rate can be followed, as much as 10:1. Preparing samples is advised to ascertain the correct dilution rate to achieve the desired effect.

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Malay Tan Malay Tan
Black Black
English Red English Red
Green Lawn Green Lawn
Cola Cola
Aqua Blue Aqua Blue
Golden Wheat Golden Wheat
Vintage Umber Vintage Umber
Walnut Walnut
Fern Fern


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