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Vertical Mix

SS Vertical Mix is a cementitious mixture of light weight aggregate combined with adhesion properties which allow for the application to vertical and overhead horizontal surfaces. SS Vertical has an open time of up to 24 hours, allowing for carving and sculpting.

SS Vertical Mix may be applied to a variety of structural supports to create boulders, bridges, weight bearing diving rocks or custom fountains that direct the flow of water through rocks, tree limbs and virtually any type of concrete sculpture limited only by imagination.


  • Extremely versatile mix great for vertical or overhead horizontal surfaces
  • Carve or sculpture the mix


SS Vertical Mix available in a 40 pound bag.

coverage rate

1 bag of SS Vertical Mix will cover approximately 30 square feet for scratch coat and 12 square feet @ ¾” thickness to approximately 15 square feet @ ½” thickness for stamp coat.

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