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enCOUNTER™ Professional Countertop Mix is a special blend of rock, medium and fine graded sands, cement and proprietary performance enhancing ingredients. enCOUNTER™ can be used for either the cast-in-place method or pre-casting.

enCOUNTER offers significant advantages over other countertop materials: endless color options; minimal shrinkage, easily takes any shape; and can be a structural material capable of long unsupported spans. enCOUNTER readily accepts integral color, reactive acid stains, acetone dyes and water borne stains. enCOUNTER can cantilever where other natural materials or bagged mixes may need permanent support. The lower water demand of enCOUNTER minimizes shrinkage cracking while providing workability. The lower water content also minimizes curling, a common issue with some mixes.

enCOUNTER's high early strength gains allow polishing sooner than some other mixes. An added benefit of polishing is that it exposes the rock. 8,870 psi in 28 day with water – no admixtures necessary.

Benefits/FeaturesConcrete Countertop Mix

  • Can be textured and colored
  • Less shrinkage and curling
  • Easy to mix
  • Interior/exterior use
  • A structural product capable of long spans


enCOUNTER is available in 50-pound bags.

Coverage Rate

Coverage rate is approximately per 50-pound bag: 3 sq. ft. at 1.5” thick; 2.3 sq. ft. at 2” thick.

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enCOUNTER Mix White