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enFLOW is a ready to use high range water reducing admixture specifically developed for enCOUNTER, the professional concrete countertop system, used in concrete countertops, concrete sinks and thin wall panels. enFLOW delivers flow ability and allows for high strengths without the retarding and foaming issues associated with many slump modifiers. enFLOW has been formulated to enhance the already high performance characteristics of enCOUNTER Professional Concrete Countertop Mix, by increasing flow characteristics, used with double sided concrete sink molds, one time use sink molds, and thin wall panels.

enFLOW does not contain any added chlorides or chemicals known to promote corrosion of steel or known to contribute to the growth of bacteria in kitchen or bathroom environments.


  • Adds to a higher strengths of concrete
  • Maximized efficiency for slump or flow increase
  • Efficient use of labor, materials and equipment


enFLOW is available in either 8 oz. or 58 oz. containers.

Coverage Rate

Recommended starting dosage of water and enFLOW is 62 oz of water and 1 ounce of enFLOW. Start with this ratio somewhere from a range 62 – 70 oz of water and .5 to 2 oz of enFLOW per bag.

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