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Cherry Wax Matte

Greener Product Made in USA

SS Cherry Wax Matte is designed as a sacrificial protective finish for many different surfaces where a durable and less shiny appearance is desired. SS Cherry Wax Matte has long term wear properties. SS Cherry Wax Matte can be maintained through regular maintenance procedures of dry and damp mopping with limited or frequent ultra high speed burnishing including the use of propane burnishing equipment. NOTE: Burnishing may increase the shine level. Educational institutions, health care facilities, large mall areas and chain retail stores are but a few of the applications where SS Cherry Wax Matte will yield durable results. The softer appearing finish exhibits fewer scuff marks and scratches than higher shine levels.


  • Beautiful matte look appearance and dirt resistance with less maintenance
  • Saves time, labor & money protecting the sealer and color
  • Excellent durability: dirt, scuff and black mark resistance
  • No daily burnishing required
  • No sealer required for resilient floors


SS Cherry Wax Matte is available in 1 and 5 gallon containers

coverage rates

Application rate for interior sealed surfaces range from 1000+ square feet depending upon surface porosity and texture, and application method.

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