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Clear Liquid Release

Greener Product Made in USA

Release agentSS Clear Liquid Release Agent is a non-staining liquid that is used as a release agent for stamped concrete installations. The liquid has a pleasant bubblegum smell and allows for a crisp transfer of the impression without the mess of powder.

The SS Clear Liquid Release may be pigmented with a dry release agent to achieve an antiqued finish similar to that achieved with powder. When using this method it may be necessary to apply another application after the texture mats are pulled up as the color is sometimes concentrated in small spots. These are easily dissipated by another application of the pigmented release.


  • Parting agent used to keep texturing mats from sticking to the still plastic concrete
  • Prolongs the life of the texturing mats by decreasing the friction between the texturing mat and the concrete
  • Lubricating and parting barrier separating the concrete from the texturing mat


SS Clear Liquid Release is available in a 5 gallon container.

coverage rate

One 5 gallon container will cover approximately 700 – 1000 square feet.

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