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Greener Product Made in USA

SS Matte-It is an easy to use, pourable, concentrated liquid Matting Agent Additive for post addition to solvent based acrylic sealers to reduce gloss levels. Satin or matte finish gloss levels are easily achieved by adding SS Matte-It. SS Matte-It has zero (0) VOC’s and meets all applicable EPA VOC Regulations throughout the United States.


  • Provides satin or matte finish to solvent based acrylic sealers when desired
  • Economical choice when a satin or matte finish solvent based acrylic sealer is required
  • Excellent suspension characteristics provide universal compatibility without a viscosity increase


SS Matte-It is packaged in 16 oz. plastic containers. Bulk sizes available.

coverage rate

Coverage rates vary depending upon amount used per gallon of coating. No more than 6 oz. per gallon should be used.

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