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SS Repel Guard SB-20

Greener Product

SS Repel Guard SB-20 is a 20% active solvent-based silane water repellent and impregnating agent for porous masonry surfaces such as concrete, block, brick, and unglazed tile. SS Repel Guard SB-20 will penetrate and chemically bond deep within the substrate to provide long lasting protection against deterioration or staining due to water conditions. SS Repel Guard SB-20 will not impair the natural breathing characteristics of treated substrates, nor will it produce a film. SS Repel Guard SB-20 will help concrete and masonry surfaces to resist common issues such as cracking, efflorescence, spalling, staining, and other damages caused by intrusion of water. It also helps protect the surface from damaging effects of water intrusion, acid rain, deicing chemicals and freeze/thaw exposure.



  • Deeply penetrating porous surfaces, it provides superior water repellency, while allowing surface to breathe.
  • Provides excellent resistance to mold, mildew, and fungus.
  • Resists damage caused by deicing salt and freeze/thaw cycles.
  • VOC compliant for most areas in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Superior efflorescence and strong alkali resistance compared to common solvent based acrylic sealers.



SS Repel Guard SB-20 is packaged and stocked in 1 and 5 gallon pails. (Also available in 55 gallon drums)


Coverage Rate

Application rate for new (unsealed) or old concrete 100-200 sq. ft. for the first coat and 100-200 sq. ft. for the optional second coat.

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