Legend - Leaf: Denotes Greener Product, Flag: Made in USA

VOC Compliant

Made in USA Greener Product

SS Specialties offers products that are available in various VOC formulations. State and Federal regulations vary according to geographical locations. When shipping from SS Specialties, we ensure that the correct VOC formulations are shipped to the correct locations. The following products are either low VOC formulas or come in low VOC formulations:

Many companies do not sell products in states where environmental codes are too strict. At SS Specialties, we support a greener future and know how important building and environmental codes are. Therefore, specify your state and location, and we’ll make sure you get the right products that are VOC code-compliant.

Look for the green leaf product label that indicates products are either low VOC formulas or come in low VOC formulations.


Made In USA

We label all US-made products with an American flag. Look for the flag by the product name when you are ordering from us; or if you are ordering through an authorized SS Specialties distributor, ask for American-made products.